Living in a Real-Time World

This transformative book shows us how cultivating six of our innate capabilities—accepting, being, listening, communicating, appropriating and caring—can offer us a way to navigate through the chaos and craziness of an uncertain, unpredictable world.

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Living in a Real-Time World

Interview: Inside Personal Growth

Inside Personal Growth Podcast interview with Jim Selman

What is the future going to be?

Do we really have a choice about where our life goes?

Podcaster Greg Voisen interviews Jim Selman on living an unimaginable future—today.

Possible Futures

In a real-time world, life is fired at us point blank.

Change is disrupting so much, so fast that we cannot rely on our common sense or our predictions to tell us what we should or even can do in the future.

We are literally going where no one has gone before—without maps or instructions.

What can we use to orient ourselves in this new reality? We can start by clarifying what we care about….

What do you care about?

Become a Real-Time Leader

Cultivate a set of conversational practices and a way of being in the world that not only foster serenity but also help you realize your ambitions in real time. A rare opportunity to interact with Jim Selman in person and virtually in 2019.

Living in a Real-Time World

A Look Inside
Living in a Real-Time World

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