Living in a Real-Time World

This transformative book shows us how cultivating six of our innate capabilities—accepting, being, listening, communicating, appropriating and caring—can offer us a way to navigate through the chaos and craziness of an uncertain, unpredictable world.

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Living in a Real-Time World

Possible Futures

  • Thought leader with 30+ years experience developing transformational leaders in the Americas, Europe and Russia
  • Pioneer in developing a technology for accelerating change in organizations
  • Co-founder of accredited post-graduate coaching program in Buenos Aires
  • Masterful coach to executives responsible for transforming organizational culture & business processes
Why Now?

Become a Real-Time Leader

Cultivate a set of conversational practices and a way of being in the world that not only foster serenity but also help you realize your ambitions in real time. A rare opportunity to interact with Jim Selman in person and virtually in 2019.

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Living in a Real-Time World

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Living in a Real-Time World

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