Looking to have your audience embrace change?

Jim Selman’s keynotes will engage, inspire and provoke people to challenge their assumptions and living and leading in a real-time world.


What is trust? What builds it? What can we do to rebuild it when it’s broken? What must we understand about ourselves to have self-trust?

In our real-time world, we can’t be certain where things are going. We can’t rely on forecasts and predictions to tell us what we will want or even need tomorrow.

Competition is obsolete. Co-creating the future is our only viable strategy for success. But co-creation presents us with new and unprecedented challenges. Co-creation requires trust.

In this keynote, Jim opens up new ways of understanding trust, commitment, relationship and personal responsibility. Be prepared to question your assumptions, focus on what you really care about, and better understand the power of your word, your commitments, and your character (a.k.a. way of beingas a leader).


In the midst of rapid change, is there really a way we can successfully lead our organizations through the unknown? What navigational skills could we be developing to bring people safely with us?

For three decades, we’ve been entertained by the science fiction voyages of Star Trek. We’ve imagined multiple generations of crews exploring the unknown and “going where no one has gone before”. Now that fiction is our reality. We are living into a future we can’t predict and we can’t control—and it is coming at us faster and faster. Most of us are overwhelmed by exponential change and increasing complexity and uncertainty. Many are chronically stressed, anxious or resigned.

In this keynote, Jim shows us how we can create a positive relationship with unprecedented change. He covers the 6 key skills we can cultivate to become competent navigators at work and in life. Prime yourself to receive a double dose of serenity and ambition during this transformational presentation.